Dana Pharant


Last seen: 26 May 2022

Dana Pharant - Inner Dominatrix

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From cult follower to Dominatrix, this 7-figure CEO provides some eye-opening views and insights on how to get your mindset into high gear for success. Having grown up in a religious cult, Dana has been fully immersed in personal development since she was 18. Her drive to find freedom from deep programing in her formative years has taken her into the most unusual places to discover healing and freedom. One of the more unusual paths was in the Dungeon and using BDSM (think 50 Shades of Grey), an immersive kinesthetic experience in which one can re-enact abuse and live out a new outcome; deeply imprinting new wiring in the brain. Her own incredible healing lead her to learn the craft of the Dominatrix and while she would ultimately transition out of the physical domming, the skills serve her well and she continues to guide others to discover their own Inner Dominatrix. The Inner Dominatrix leads with deep compassion and care for her team, holds people accountable, and expects them to deliver outstanding results (which they also desire to do). The Inner Dominatrix is also about finding your bulletproof confidence, mastering your sexual energy, and holding a quiet but unshakable expectation that things are working in your favor and success is inevitable.

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